Welcome to Kingston-Forty Fort Little League


1.  What is the league age of my child?
2.  How do I register my child?
3.  What is a good size bat for my player?
4.  When I register online do I have to show up for a player verification (document review)?
Yes.  We still have to verify your players birth date by giving us a copy of his/her birth certificate.  We also need to verify that your child lives OR goes to school within Kingston or Forty Fort.  This is a mandatory Little League rule that must be done every year even if you child played for us last year. 
5.   If I used a school rule form last year but do not go to that school any longer can I still use that form?
No.  If you changed schools you will need a new form from the new school as long as it is in Kingston or Forty Fort.  If the new school is not within Kingston or Forty Fort you will then have to use the traditional residency verification method.   If you have completely moved out of the area and no longer attend a school within Kingston or Forty Fort you may POSSIBLY continue to play with us as long as you played the previous spring season   and will need a Regulation IId Waiver.  This must be discussed with the league President in advance of registration.  His email can be found under the home page board of directors.  
Why is registration so early if the season does not start until the 2nd or 3rd week of April?
Although the season starts in April there are many things that have to be in place before hand.  Since our try out dates for being chosen to a team happen in early March, we need to insure we have enough qualified volunteer managers and tryout rosters need to be completed by the end of February.  Practices generally will begin in March, field and weather pending. 
Can I request my child be placed on a certain team or with a specific manager?
Generally, No.  In order to have parity within the league we operate on a draft system from coach pitch on up.  This prevents teams from STACKING.  We do however place siblings on the same team if they are age eligible within a division. 

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